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Employee Intranet Web Portal

Migrate, update and enhance an internal web portal servicing 30,000 employees.

Organization (Confidential):
Distribution Retail Industry Client
Duration (2 months):
UI Design
Responsive Design
Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

This project is either proprietary or confidential. Some details and artifacts may be omitted to maintain compliance.

Key Contributions

  • Enhance responsive design of the home page to better support legacy store desktop monitors at 1024px by 768px.
  • Re-design the global search experience for enterprise scale, integrating with AWS Kendra AI-driven features like suggested answers. Making it easier for end-users to find what they’re looking for the first time they search for it.
  • Design a product catalog page enabling store employees to show the product for the customer at the point of sale.
  • Audit and enhance UI elements to meet WCAG Level AA contrast minimum standards.


Working with Manny was an absolute pleasure and not only did he make an impact on the project but on my team as well. He offered brilliant design layouts, listened closely to the needs of the business, and learned rapidly once he was brought onboard the project. His ability to concisely and competently communicate between multiple areas of the project was very impressive. I truly looked forward to every encounter we had with Manny because I knew that he was going to be improving or innovating on something, or I was going to gain a deeper understanding of the UX process. Even on the items we did not see eye to eye on, he was always very patient, understanding, explained the logic behind his decisions and heard my concerns. As the product owner of the [redacted], I could not have asked for a better partner in this space. I am very grateful for his efforts and value the work he has done for us on this initiative. — Client Product Owner and Program Manager

My work on this project was formerly recognized by IBM Consulting with the 2024 Clients 2 Profitable Growth Award.

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