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I started nuOpulence as a branding project in college. The idea came from my own personal finance journey as I grew into "adulting". It was inspired by some of my favorite personal finance influencers at the time but with my own twist of queer pop culture. After my initial experiences with personal finance I realized there was potential for my original idea, especially to spread financial literacy within the LGBTQ+ community.

The Mission: Spill the T.E.A.

  • Teach good money habits
  • Empower the LGBTQ+ community with financial literacy
  • Amplify diverse voices and experiences
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nuOpulence landing page: "The Tea On Personal Finance" with an email signup call to action and featured blog post.
Landing page featuring an email signup call to action and featured blog post.
nuOpulence 404 page featuring Monique Heart from RuPauls Dragrace
One of my favorite parts of a web design is the 404 page. It's a chance to delight users in an unexpected way.
nuOpulence's first blog post: "Welcome to the House of Opulence"
O-P-U-L-E-N-C-E an iconic moment from the documentary "Paris is Burning"

nuOpulence (pronounced: new opulence) is a combination of the words "numismatic"—the study or collection of currency and "opulence"—an iconic phrase from "Paris Is Burning" meaning wealth or luxuriousness.

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